Optimise Your Health

At Health Optimizing Australia, we provide a non-invasive, comprehensive health assessment. We use an optimal combination of the latest technologies from all around the world to establish an accurate picture of your health and the challenges that you face.

Our highly skilled clinician will interpret your results and tailor a personalised treatment program to stimulate your body’s self-regulating mechanism. This resolves most health challenges rapidly and effectively.

Book a health screening with us today. Our empathetic health optimising concierge will help you to coordinate a program that fits in with your schedule and support your journey to better health.

Our Services (The Journey)

The journey starts with the completion of a thorough and detailed questionnaire. We ask that you also bring along any recent investigations or reports.

Our services do not replace conventional medical treatments. Rather, they are complementary and address areas that may not be covered by traditional medications or procedures. Any additional information that you provide will assist our clinician to provide an integrated and holistic care plan.

The next step is to proceed with the comprehensive health assessment.

Comprehensive Health Assessment

We utilise state-of-the-art technologies that are FDA and 510 K-approved medical devices.

The optimal health assessment is a non-invasive, relaxing, and enjoyable experience. It takes 90-120 minutes and is overseen by our trained medical clinicians. Our goal is to find out what is not functioning correctly and then to find out why.

The following parameters are tested:

• ECG and HRV (Heart Rate Variability) for Cardiac Function

• HRV for Sympathetic or Parasympathetic Regulations

• Pulse Wave Analysis for Vascular Functions

• Oximeter Test for SpO2, VO2, and DO2

• Bio-Impedance for Fat Percentage and Intra Plus Intercellular Water

• Phase Angle for Cell-Voltage, -Permeability and -Vitality

• EIS for Cell-Activity, -Metabolism, and Organ Function

• EIS (Electro Interstitial Scan) for Tissue pH Etc.

• Statistical Risk Evaluation of Cardio Vascular Problems

• Evaluation of Major Factors Regarding Sugar Metabolism, Insulin Resistance, and Diabetes

• Statistical Risk Evaluation of Several Common Health Factors

• Differentiation Between Causes and Effects or Compensations

• Cross-Method Homeostasis Evaluation for Several Body Systems

• Follow-Up Test With Graphs Indicating the Development Between Tests

From the test, we have a measurement of the baseline of how the body is currently functioning. It then allows us to focus on the areas to be further tested with additional technologies.

The test also gives important information on which lifestyle changes are most necessary to prevent health problems as well as provide better balance and functional self-regulating mechanisms.

Furthermore, the comprehensive health assessment provides an opportunity to track the effects of the therapy.

Personalised Treatment Plan

As part of the comprehensive health assessment, you will be given an individualised treatment plan that is tailored to the findings obtained. The clinician will discuss with you the findings, provide lifestyle advice, and recommend treatments.

Occasionally, some clients will be recommended to have additional assessments (Heidelberg Test or HD Thermography) or have additional pathology tests, such as for food allergies or intolerance and gut biome.

Treatment Program

We will have our highly trained and empathetic health optimising concierge support you through the treatment journey to wellness. The health optimising concierge will help you to coordinate a treatment plan that fits in with your schedule and budget.